Friday, September 7, 2012

Back to Sunrise School

Well, our new year at Sunrise School is off and running.  We talk about our old friends quite often.  Tori, Ashlyn, Savanna, and Jaycee, we hope you are loving kindergarten.
The Lord has brought us new friends this year and they are precious.  Tori became an honorary cousin last year.  Laney has already started asking if she is a cousin, too.

Princesses and fairies often frequent Sunrise School.  But don't let the smiles and sparkles fool you.  These ladies are tough.  They can capture the meanest bad guys and slam their behinds in jail.  I wouldn't steal one of their dolls for all the glitter in Hobby Lobby.

Snappin green beans with my Sunrise peeps for lunch proves entertaining and useful.  I have found that if they help make it, they are much more inclined to partake in it.  But we do still have a few staunch meatatarians who cannot be swayed.  I must admire the strength of their will in the face of intense peer pressure.
Each day a new leader is chosen by the previous leader.  People, this is more nail-biting than the Oscars.  The children sit on the edge of their little criss-cross-applesauce seats in anticipation...some even praying that they will be chosen.

And who wouldn't?  The leader gets to pray at lunch, be first in line, put the new number up on the calendar.  Oh, the responsibilities are dizzying.

Perhaps the most coveted duty is that of sitting in the teacher chair and sharing with us the daily news.  It is so much fun to hear what little kids deem as newsworthy.

The first weeks of school I forced the kids to only say things that were true.  For some of us tall-tale-tellers, this was a near impossible feat.  Josiah sat in the leader chair and thought.  And thought.
"I pet a baby dragon!"
"No, Josiah.  It has to be something that really happened."
"I catched a baby sharp tooth!"
"Did that really happen?"
"Ummm....I caught a little perch?"
"Yes.  That is something that really happened.  Good job."
But now I feel like the Grinch who stole creativity!  He was so excited about his first two tries.  I will be that teacher no more.  NO MORE, I say.  The next blog will include uncensored news.  Things are about to get fun.

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