Friday, September 28, 2012

7.1.2 A Tale of Hangers

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This is just some of the driving force behind my own 7 Experiment.  I have not researched the above quote from her book, but I am sure that is  true for most Americans.

How do I keep on spending money on clothes knowing this?  How do I not see the eyes of desperate mothers?  The empty bellies of starving children?

They haunt me when I think selfish thoughts like, "Oh, that's so cute.  You really deserve a new shirt."  I deserve it?  People deserve food.  I do not deserve enough shirts to clothe an army.

I got rid of half of my clothes.  Big deal.  I could go out and buy clothes to replace those anytime I feel like it.  Ugh.  Have I accomplished anything?

To battle this, I have set a governor, of sorts, for myself.  I got rid of all of my extra hangers.  And I will not be bringing new ones to my house.  When I buy any new clothes item, I have to give one away in it's place.

I am hoping this will work for me, because I really like all the clothes I have left.  Even the ones with holes in them.

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