Sunday, September 16, 2012

Mutiny Against Excess

I have twenty-two books by my bed on the "waiting to be read" shelf.  So when a wise woman told me she was sending me this book in the mail, I had to force myself to be polite and not sigh.

Normally, I would just add it to the shelf (book death row).  I almost did.  But something, let's just call it the Holy Spirit, pushed me to read it.

This book is incredible.  Thank you, wise Kristel.

I wanted to try the 7 month experiment before I even finished reading the introduction.  My nights were spent elbowing my husband, "Patrick, listen to this."  "Oh, and listen to this."  The greatest part about being married is sleeping in the same bed as your best friend.  After this, perhaps my counter-part would not agree.

I was bubbly, people.  If you have been around me at all for the past two weeks, you have heard about this book.  I have read you quotes.  Attempted arm twisting to get you to buy it.  I even carried it around with me in my purse.

I never considered myself as materialistic.  And I was a rather smug bug about it.  This book was the kick in my privileged pants God saw I so desperately needed.

Sore bottomed, I had to make myself read the whole thing before I jumped in Hannah-style: head-first, all in, minimal forethought.  Now finished, I am trying this mutiny against excess. 

I rearranged the months because, well, I wanted to.  The things I do/give up are going to look a little different, but I think this is the point.  To make it personal.  To make it meaningful.  Here she blows:

September - Clothing
October - Waste
November - Possessions
December - Spending
January - Stress
February - Media
March - Food 

While looking at this I realized that Easter is on March 31st...the last day of my 7 experiment.  Seems fitting, if not intentional on God's part.  That God.  Always working for the good of those who love Him.

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  1. Hannah, this book looks awesome! I may just run to the library and borrow it myself :)