Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sunrise School Thanksgiving 2012

It's the most wonderful time of the year!  Here at Sunrise School we have been having a blast learning poems, making costumes, watching Charlie Brown specials, and being THANKFUL.

In the spirit of tradition, here is Sunrise School's second annual Thanksgiving video.  (The first year's is here.)  If you are wanting to see high quality cinematography, you will be sorely disappointed.  Lower your expectations considerably and you will be pleasantly surprised at the wit and ways of preschoolers.

If that didn't make you smile, check out the Daily News board.  Many outstanding events are happening in these kids lives.

Still not smiling?  Then I can't help you.  Sorry.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

7.3.1 Waste Not

7 Experiment: based on the book by Jen Hatmaker
3rd Month: Mutiny Against Waste
1st Post: Waste Not
Sarah Grace Photography
You know those people?  The crazy environmentalists?  The people who compost dinner scraps and newspaper, save butter containers, and dig through trashcans searching for recyclables?  I think I am becoming that person.
I used to think those people were just wasting their time.  Like the moron in the stupid starfish story.  What difference does it really make if I recycle or save energy or compost?  The world is still going to end up like Wall-E.
But then this Bible verse...  "The Earth is the Lord's and everything in it."
I'm thinking this means the stuff I do or don't do for the Earth matters.  Sure was easier living before I read this.  But I will say, Super Husband does take out the trash a lot less, now.
We've implemented many new waste reducing practices.  Through this I have found some things are more cost effective while others are not piggy bank friendly.  But I think it all comes out in the wash.  And by "in the wash" of course I mean in eternity.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

October at Sunrise School

Since having kids, time has become my constant enemy.   I am convinced that the births of my girls sped up the rotation of the earth. This mommy doesn't ever seem to have enough time! Can I get a witness?  Captain America expresses how I feel about it already being November.

Sunrise School was a hoppin' in the month of October.  We studied fire safety and took a field trip to the Montgomery fire station.

The firefighters were awesome!  They let the kids climb inside the trucks, handle equipment, and even try on safety gear.  These kids thought they were hot snot.  And they were.
One of them suited up and gave high fives.  Most of the kids were brave.

Afterwards, we went to the Montgomery library where one of our sweet girls found a truly fabulous book.

And here we all are for our Halloween party.  Nine preschoolers who bring joy and messes to my life everyday.  They are some kinda fun.

Now we interrupt this blog post to bring you late breaking news.  This stuff is earth shattering, people.

But no matter the news, dear folks, have no fear.  One small band of children has united to chase away bad dreams and help clean up blueberry vomit.  They are the few.  The brave.  The delightfully destructive.  The Fabulous Four.  Boogie Monster beware!  (And maybe Mommy, too.)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

7.2.2 Goodbye October

7 Experiment: based on the book by Jen Hatmaker
2nd Month: Mutiny Against Possessions
2nd Post: Goodbye October (Yes.  I know it's late.  My excuse = 9 adorable toddlers)
Give clothes to those without clothes?  Check.  Easy.  Feels good.

But what if God didn't mean just clothes and food?  What if God meant for His children to share everything they have with those who are without?

That God.  Always expecting us to actively love everyone.

Isn't He great?  And wonderful?  And challenging?  I'm glad that my God expects things of me.  And you, for that matter.

This month was a bit harder - finding seven things every day to give away.  Now, I could find seven pieces of junk to give away.  I could probably find double that amount of broken, old, unusable, or outdated items.  But I doubt that is keeping with the intention of this verse.

October was spent prayerfully looking for things to intentionally bless others.  Do I truly require 18 place setting of my flatware?  Five different sets of cups?  My home is overflowing with excess.  I can't even find room for all my stuff.

That God, again with His timing, also had me serving with Family Promise.  This ministry is AWESOME.  They give homeless families meals, shelter, and love in area churches.  My sister's family and I were able to cook one night for two of the families.

Our children and their children laughed and played.  We sat with the ladies and talked.  They were real and honest and funny.

The ladies spoke of the culture shock homelessness has been for them and their families.  One lady admitted that much of the shock was from the love shown to them by "rich white folks."  She said she had been raised to believe, and saw, that "rich white folks" hated them and didn't care about them.  But now that she had been in Family Promise she was seeing that this is not all true.

My heart was breaking.  And what could I say?  She's right.  Most rich white Christians do not love the poor.  Or anyone outside their realm.  They say they do.  I say I do.  But is love without actions really love at all?

This experiment for me is about opening my eyes.  Seeing people.  Seeing needs.  Meeting them.  Breaking down the walls in my heart.

Three of the families were "graduating" from the program.  They have been approved for housing and will be moving into a home of their own.  A list of needs was sent out.  My garage full of donations was just waiting to go to them.

My cup overflows for a reason.

(If you like this, you should read this girl's blog.)