Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving: Sunrise School Style

If you've read my other posts, you may have noticed that Thanksgiving is my favorite.  Sadly, it is the forgotten holiday.  In fact, I believe it is America's middle child holiday.  All of you first borns and babies are shaking your heads right now, but us middle children know what I am talking about.

Halloween is the oldest child.  The one everyone has been waiting for.  As soon as the school supplies are up, costumes and candy come out.  People decorate their homes, plan parties, carve Jack-O-Lanterns.  Pumpkins ooze out of every store.

When middle child Thanksgiving comes around, no one notices.  Looking for Turkey day shirts or decorations, I find either discounted Halloween items or Christmas paraphernalia.  I sigh in disgust.  I complain to employees.  I am met with blank stares.

Then comes the baby - Christmas.  Everyone goes wild.  Lights.  Trees.  Decorations.  Presents.  The stores lay out their Xmas day wares before the turkey is even carved!  And now stores are opening on Thanksgiving night for Black Friday!!  I do not have enough exclamation points to express my disdain.

I say, "No more!"  Thanksgiving may be the middle child, but November still has two more days.  Thus, it is still Thanksgiving season.  In light of this declaration, I present to you Sunrise School's Thanksgiving.

We had so much fun at Sunrise School the weeks before the Big Day.  We made Indian headdresses, played Pin the Top Hat on the Turkey, and read a million Thanksgiving books.  Thanksgiving at the Tappletons' is my favorite.  Honorable mention goes to The Relatives Came and Thanksgiving is Here.  There was the much anticipated watching of A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.  Turkeys were made out of hands and feet.  Drumsticks were dressed up as Indians and Pilgrims.  I loved every minute of it.

But the best part of Thanksgiving at Sunrise School was the video we made.  It starts off with a November song that involves the kids bowing their heads.  At this point they are so wrapped up in eucharisteo that they forget the lines for the rest of the song.

Next, our wonderful videographer, Gigi, interviews individual kids to get their perspective on Thanksgiving.  Their comments are sweet, genuine, and hilarious.  Personal favorites:  Tori's pronunciation of Thanksgiving, and all shots containing the littlest Sunrise School student, Josiah.

Our video concludes with a rousing play about 5 fat turkeys and two Indian hunters.  There was much debate/arguing about who would play what part.  In the end, all were happy with their roles of hunting or dying.  Here is the almost critically acclaimed Sunrise School Thanksgiving Video.

And this is the old news from Sunrise School for those of you keeping track of the scintillating lives of preschoolers.  To update you:  Abigail STILL has not eaten all of her candy, Jaycee loved the carnival at her other school, Gideon is a born bookie, Tori's foot is better, and Ashlyn loves Gnomeo & Juliet.


  1. I can't see the video because it's private. You need to change it to public for people to be able to view it here.

  2. Oops. Just now changed the video settings. Let me know if you can see it. This is a first for me.