Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Traditions

As a child, our family had more traditions than cousins, and that's saying a lot.  They were these wonderful memories that we repeated over and over again.  They added stability, security, even love to my childhood.

One of our Christmas traditions was filling a decorated lunch sack with food for Santa's reindeer.  It was a small thing we did, but I loved it.  I want my children to have scads of traditions in their lives.  Hitherto, the making of Reindeer Food bags at Sunrise School.

"Tis the night before Christmas.
Santa will soon be here.
We give cookies to Santa,
Now let's feed his reindeer."

Making the bags was cheap, fun, and easy.  (Those are my three requirements for doing most anything involving children.)  Painting with seven preschoolers vs. two adults was the fun part.  Put paint on kids hands and they are downright giddy. 

Even more fun was the filling of the bags.  I opened the littlest Sunrise Girl's bag to find it filled mostly with rocks.  Perhaps next week's lesson should address this misconception.

What could be more fun, you ask?  How about Eskimo kisses with Rudolph noses.  Again - cheap, fun, and easy.  Mental note:  if you leave red washable marker on your nose for an entire day, it is not so "washable."

The following is late-breaking news from Sunrise School.  I think Tori's is my favorite this go round.  It produces so many different scenarios in my head.

Did she watched the movie, How to Train Your Dragon, while she was in the kitchen?  Was she in a hallucinogenic state?  Were her three brothers in the kitchen acting as only preteen/teen boys can?  Was her mother cooking?  I attempted to gain some clarification from the source, but to not avail.  You must also draw your own conclusions.

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  1. Ha! I'm just now catching up on reading your blog. I love Tori's comment too and really have no idea. It's possible she watching the movie on the kitchen TV. Or maybe that's her assessment of my stinky attitude about cooking dinner.

    Love, love, love the Eskimo kisses with Rudolph noses. Such a sweet picture! It should be printed out and put in a Christmas frame to be brought out each year with the Christmas decorations. New tradition!