Tuesday, November 8, 2011

He Protects Us

Standard adult bedtime procedure at our house:
brush teeth
take medicine
Momma climbs into bed
Daddy checks the doors
Daddy checks on the girls
Daddy climbs into bed

This is the way things have worked at our house since our oldest was born.  I did not find out until recently that when he was checking on the girls, he was praying for them.  One night I snuck in with the camera to capture this precious moment.  I was not prepared for just how special this sight would become to me.

I enter the room, and I fall more in love with him.  He sits on the floor between their beds.  One hand on the oldest's leg.  One hand holding the youngest's hand.  Head bowed.  Praying for our children.  Praying protection.  Praying blessings.  Prayers that come from the heart of a father who knows the Father.  I am forever changed by this image.
The oldest sleeps with her huge Children's Storybook Bible.  The Bible that is almost too big for her to pick up.  The Bible that belonged to my sisters and me.  The Bible my father read to us when we were little girls.  The Bible that makes me want to cry when I see her with it.  Her sleep is deep.  She knows she is loved.  She knows she is safe.
The youngest sleeps with her Hugsie.  The elephant who used to be pink and is now gray.  She sleeps all wrapped up in her blankie.  The blankie that is a requirement for sleep.  I try not to think of the days when she will no longer need these two comforts to rest.  Her sleep is peaceful.  She knows she is loved.  She knows she is protected.

I startle my husband with the flash of the camera.  He looks.  I smile.  He continues praying.  I stay for a moment longer, wanting to burn this image into my memory.  I quietly return to bed and snuggle under the covers.  I know I am loved.  I know I am protected.  I know I am safe.  And I know he prays for me, too.  I feel humbled by this gift of a man God gave to me.

Some people have problems seeing God as a loving Father.  Their own father did not show to them true love.  True protection.  Grateful these girls will not have that problem.


  1. That's sweet. I wouldn't expect any less of Patrick. He is a great father.

    Now blog about how Zannah just wanted to talk to me the other night. It just shows you are raising smart kids.