Wednesday, November 14, 2012

7.3.1 Waste Not

7 Experiment: based on the book by Jen Hatmaker
3rd Month: Mutiny Against Waste
1st Post: Waste Not
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You know those people?  The crazy environmentalists?  The people who compost dinner scraps and newspaper, save butter containers, and dig through trashcans searching for recyclables?  I think I am becoming that person.
I used to think those people were just wasting their time.  Like the moron in the stupid starfish story.  What difference does it really make if I recycle or save energy or compost?  The world is still going to end up like Wall-E.
But then this Bible verse...  "The Earth is the Lord's and everything in it."
I'm thinking this means the stuff I do or don't do for the Earth matters.  Sure was easier living before I read this.  But I will say, Super Husband does take out the trash a lot less, now.
We've implemented many new waste reducing practices.  Through this I have found some things are more cost effective while others are not piggy bank friendly.  But I think it all comes out in the wash.  And by "in the wash" of course I mean in eternity.

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