Thursday, November 8, 2012

October at Sunrise School

Since having kids, time has become my constant enemy.   I am convinced that the births of my girls sped up the rotation of the earth. This mommy doesn't ever seem to have enough time! Can I get a witness?  Captain America expresses how I feel about it already being November.

Sunrise School was a hoppin' in the month of October.  We studied fire safety and took a field trip to the Montgomery fire station.

The firefighters were awesome!  They let the kids climb inside the trucks, handle equipment, and even try on safety gear.  These kids thought they were hot snot.  And they were.
One of them suited up and gave high fives.  Most of the kids were brave.

Afterwards, we went to the Montgomery library where one of our sweet girls found a truly fabulous book.

And here we all are for our Halloween party.  Nine preschoolers who bring joy and messes to my life everyday.  They are some kinda fun.

Now we interrupt this blog post to bring you late breaking news.  This stuff is earth shattering, people.

But no matter the news, dear folks, have no fear.  One small band of children has united to chase away bad dreams and help clean up blueberry vomit.  They are the few.  The brave.  The delightfully destructive.  The Fabulous Four.  Boogie Monster beware!  (And maybe Mommy, too.)

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