Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Three Reasons I Love My Job

1.  Nap time. 

Little feet finally at rest.  Here we have a wee darling who fell asleep reading.  Apparently, learning never stops at Sunrise School.

2.  The imaginations of children.  
Beware the jaguar.  Yes, those are claws made from gardening rakes and shovels.  We must often cower beneath the roars of a ferocious T-Rex, or run for our lives in Princess, Lawn Mower, Bad Guy.  Planks of wood become surf boards.  Trees are named Smartie.  The party never ends.

3.  Daily News. 
One day this past week, my nephew was the leader.  I wrote his name, but he made me erase it and write his "real" name.  Some days he goes by John or even SiahJohn.  Love that kid.

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