Tuesday, October 2, 2012

7.1.4 Shoes?!?

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I don't want this life.  This life of more.  This life of ignoring those in need while shoes gather dust on shelves in my closet.  This "radical inequality" disgusts me.

It seems I talk about this everywhere I go now.  This idea of intentional living.  Intentional giving.  Intentional faith.

When talking to a dear group of women about this several weeks back one of them said, "Half of your clothes?  Wow, so even your shoes and accessories and hats and stuff like that?"

Darn you Jessica Grace.

I love you for the accountability you bring to my life.  But at the moment I was not thinking such thoughts.

So I did some more thinking.  More praying.  Then I bit the bullet.

Half of my shoes - gone.

Just as with the clothes, the first few were easy.  The last one really hurt.  A pair of cowboy boots.  Ouch.  This Texas girl is feeling the sacrifice.

Then the halving worked its way into my jewelry, scarves, hats, gloves, purses, and bags.  This was much easier after parting with the shoes.

My garage is filling.  What to do with all the stuff?  Stay tuned...

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