Thursday, October 11, 2012

7.1.6 Yestermonth Reflections

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1st Month
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I love it when the kids teach me useful words.
Yestermonth I started my own Experimental Mutiny Against Excess.  Procrastinating perfectionists like myself usually begin with the easiest task and slowly move to the more difficult.  Since I'm not much of a clothes horse, purging my clothing seemed like the logical choice for the first month.
Giving away some items were hard, but quotes from her book like this spurred me on:
"...all together, we've spent enough to irrevocably change the lives of a hundred thousand people. What did I get for that budgeting displacement? Closets full of clothes we barely wear and enough luxuries to outfit twenty families."
So, looking back, how did I do?  Pretty well, but I do have two major happenings to confess.
The first occured when my oldest daughter found a dress of hers in the garage that I had added to the give away pile.  I does not fit her, and it has to be ironed.  The latter makes it nearly certain that she will never wear it in public.  Upon finding this dress that has been on her body ONE time, she launched into a wailing fit.
I remained calm and explained to her what we were going to do with the dress.
Tears flowed.
Still attempting to use reason, we talk about all the children who need clothes.
Sobbing reaching epic proportions.
Trying a new tactic, I explain to her that it DOES NOT FIT, it is all wrinkly, and Mommy does not iron.
Sorrow so great that Daddy, the Hero, rushes to rescue us out in the garage.  He takes in the situation with questioning eyes. 
I haughtily explain to him, not too patiently or kindly. that our daughter wants to keep this dress that she NEVER WEARS and WON'T give it away to the poor kids!
You see, Haughty Pants Hannah thought Daddy the Hero would be on her side.  The look he gave me ripped off my haughty pants, which were somehow covering  my eyes.  I saw my child.  Shame washed over me.  Hero Daddy was right.  Broken-hearted daughter was right.  It was not mine to give.
Epic parent failure.
One more reason why children need to be raised by two parents.  Sometimes Mommy needs to be pantsed by Daddy.
After that confession, the second won't seem so bad. 
I took back the cowboy boots.
Just couldn't do it.  But I did replace them with another pair of shoes.
Next step: finding homes for all these clothes...before daughter and I slowly bring them all back in from the garage.


  1. Hannah, our church has a clothing pantry that you can drop off donations too. People who are homeless or just can't afford to buy clothes can come and get clothes here. We got to Woodsedge in The Woodlands if you are interested! I wouldn't mind coming to pick them up or meet you somewhere if you're interested. They also give you a tax deductible slip.

  2. I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Go check out my blog for more info :)

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