Tuesday, May 7, 2013

John Has a New Name

My nephew lives by this code.  John.  Batman.  Optimus.  T-Rex.  Folks, he has a new name.  I've been bursting to share the latest news.
  • Um, so sometimes the water coming out of our tap is yellowish brownish.  Does anyone else have that problem?
  • Look at sweet Joshy's news.  Having a good Granna is such a precious thing.
  • Can't get enough of that Gideon and his "yester" words.

Fireball Rhino is the newest classmate at Sunrise School.  He has a tail, sits on his haunches, and can only grunt.  He is fabulous.

The next week's news overflows with excitement.

Until next time, remember to play with the children in your lives.  Soon they will be grown up and going to scary places...like kindergarten.

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