Friday, April 5, 2013

Daily News Backlog

I have gotten crazy behind on posting the Daily News.  Apologies.  I don't know how you have all coped.
So, let's start off with a bang.  After this week I have pondered if Sunrise School needs to have a lesson on what constitutes TMI.

In the following, Carter highlights the biggest news with the Sunrise gang: the outbreak of potty trained children.  Usually easier, but not always.  We shall not speak of the day of five accidents.  Always an adventure with children.

Again, there is no one named John at Sunrise School.  Side note: today he was Green Lantern.  Which brings to mind my favorite Sunrise School moment of 2013 thus far. 

We were learning about the twelve disciples.  Had a full-blown lesson on it Monday.  Memory verse for the month was John 3:16.  We discussed John in-depth.  I was so proud.  These little minds soaking up knowledge like sponges.

Then Tuesday.  I thought we'd review before we moved on.

Me:  "Our memory verse is John 3:16.  Who remembers who John is?"

Entire Class:  "JOSIAH!"

Me:  "BA HA HA HA HA!"

Much ado about food.  A budding entrepreneur.  And one mishap resulting in many boo-boos.

And more food.  Always food with these kids.  I probably answer more questions about lunch and snack than anything else.

We leave you now with Sunrise School's littlest napper.  A girl and her Dolly.  What could be more precious?  More peaceful?

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