Wednesday, February 13, 2013

100th Day of School!

I have this pair of sock that say "I heart school."  A kid from our youth group made fun of them on Sunday night.  But man, who doesn't love preschool?  Play dough, recess, reading, counting, shapes, patterns!  Teacher stores make me happy.  So, the 100th day of school?  Love it.
Reflecting upon the first 100 days of school, here are a few of my favorite moments:
- Gracie saying my name for the first time.
- Watching "The Bigs" learn to read.
- Josiah and Susannah fighting about whether our president is named Arock L Bomma or Uncle Bubba.
- And always, the Daily News.
Before viewing this round of updates, you must be aware of a few items:
1.  There really was a dinosaur exhibit at the zoo.
2.  Contrary to Abigail's news, I DO cook supper.  There were extenuating circumstances.  Praise God for the parenting team.
3.  The kids get a prize each month for memorizing their scripture verse.  Last month these awesome kids memorized the Lord's Prayer.  The whole thing.
4.  I am not sure if Lightsaber is one word, two (light saber), or hyphenated (light-saber).
5.  Also unclear on capitalizing fictional weaponry.
6.  John = Batman = Optimus = T-Rex (at recess time) = Josiah = HILARIOUS nephew making great face in above picture.


Until next time remember: kids tell their teachers EVERYTHING!

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