Thursday, January 5, 2012

Watch Out 2012

Here at Sunrise School we have been discussing the new year.  We've steered clear of Mayan predictions, but we have discussed making resolutions.  I'm sure you will note that our first three seem to share a similar habit in different forms.  Enjoy.


One may question if I have made a resolution.  It is possible that I am a resolution junkie.  My resolutions cannot be contained to just one once a year.  I'm always resolving within myself to do or not do something or the other.  Here is my current list of resolutions.  This is in no way final or binding.
  1. Act in love first, not anger.
  2. Speak to my children with a kind tone of voice when I am frustrated.
  3. Read my Bible more.
  4. Call my grandmother more.
  5. Pray more.
  6. Get home earlier on Tuesday nights.
  7. Use lotion on my poor dry hands.
  8. Shave my legs more.  (Not more of my leg, but more times.)
  9. Do the projects I pin on Pinterest.
  10. Cook different meals.
  11. Cut back on my chocolate intake.  (I eat a truly alarming amount of it in any given day.)
  12. Pluck my eyebrows more frequently.
  13. Clean my house more.
  14. Not let the bushes take over the sidewalk.
  15. Plant some herbs.
  16. Try eating the veggies I make my kids eat.
  17. Work out.  (Last on my list for many reasons.)
January 2013 will hold a review of the list and scoring.  My goal is 50%.  Much more satisfying than those people who make one resolution and fail.  What kind of test is that?  A zero or a hundred?  No thanks.  I prefer to play the odds.

In other news:  alligators (of course), sleeping disorders, animal cruelty, and reading.
And in even more recent news:  neglected yard work, Hugsie (of course), programs, presents from dear friends, and visits to grandmas.
And you thought your life was busy.

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