Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Rainy Days

Remember recess as a kid?  It's what you lived for.  It is the reason you liked school.  When asked your favorite subject, your response was always, "RECESS!"

There are some serious crazies out there that try to minimize or do away with recess.  I won't bore you with the research about the benefits of outdoor play, self-directed activity, and free time.  To sum up, it is important.  Especially for preschoolers and early grades. 

Sunrise School's children must agree with the research.  The have a deep passion for recess.  We talk about it all day.  All day.  The past weeks have been rainy.  Great for the earth.  Utter sadness for kids.  So what do we do?

Well, lots of things.  Our current favorite activity is working out on the Nintendo Wii with Mr. Patrick.

 Our kids have become excellent fake mountain bikers.  We know when to pedal and when to squat down.

There are many other things that make the mourning of recess seem not quite so acute.  Here are some ideas of things to do on rainy days.
  1. Nintendo Wii
  2. Dump out the paper recycling trash.  Give them glue, scissors, and markers.  Let them make a creation.
  3. Hide and Go Seek - YOU play, too.
  4. Make a "train" out of dining room chairs.
  5. Sidewalk chalk on the porch
  6. Make stuffed animal towers/pyramids.  See who can make the tallest.
  7. Build a living room fort with chairs and blankets
  8. Sardines (Backwards hide and go seek.  One person hides.  Everyone counts.  When you find the person, you hide with them.)
  9. Dress up.  If you want to be really fun, let them put on some of your clothes, or daddy's clothes.
  10. Fill up the bathtub.  Let them experiment with what things sink/float.
  11. Cook something together.  Let them measure, pour, and help clean up.
  12. Follow the leader.  As long as the leader changes frequently, they love it.
  13. Fill the bathtub with pillows and books.  Let them have a "book bath."  Just make sure you talk with them about not turning on the water.
  14. Rain boots, old clothes, and umbrellas.  As long as it's not lightening, they'll be fine, and so will you.
Comment with some more rainy day ideas, if you got them.

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