Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Building a Family: Part 12

June 2014

Joey - You are a one year old and have been living in your current home for three months at this point.  I wonder what your life is like.  What was your first word?  What is your favorite toy?  Are you loved?  But most importantly, are you safe?  We pray for you without knowing your name.

Pete - Your birth mother has made decisions that have put you in harm's way.  She is young.  You are young, too - only six months old when you and your biological half sister are placed in a foster home with a kind young lady. She has never had children before.  You are her first placements.  She is trying, but she is floundering.  Motherhood is much harder than she thought.  We pray for you without knowing your name.

Our House - At this point in our journey, we have no foster children.  We get a phone call from Arrow, and my heart stops, as it always does.  Was the agency calling with another child to foster?  To adopt?  Are we ready to put our hearts out there again?

They ask if we are willing to provide respite care for a young boy?  His foster parents had a death in the family out of state.  Taking foster children across state lines takes advance paperwork, as well it should.  But the family is faced with not being able to attend the funeral without a respite provider.  We welcome him into our home for just a few days and have a blast.

Y'all, this is where foster families really need help.  Even the very best of parents need some time away from their kids.  If you have ever wanted to serve foster children, but you cannot take one full-time, this is your opportunity.  The agency calls to see if you are available for the days needed.  If you are out of town or busy, no worries, they will check back with you another time.

Have a friend or family member who is fostering?  Bless their socks off by offering to get certified.  Don't know any foster families?  You can be placed on a list to provide respite care for foster children who live near you.  The information below is from the Arrow Child and Family Ministries site.