Friday, July 19, 2013

Ten Things I Will Miss About Sunrise School

1.  The Ponytail Posse
2.  Field Trips
3.  Smiles
4.  Forts
5.  Different ages learning and loving together

6.  Nap time!

7.  The classroom

8.  Teaching kids to pray for missionaries

9.  Wonder of reading

Photo by Sarah Grace Photography
10. Daily News

Thank you to all the parents who trusted me to love, teach, and care for their children.  I had a blast!

10 Things I Won't Miss:

1.  Diapers
2.  Wet bathroom floors
3.  Tattling
4.  Tying suspiciously damp shoelaces
5.  Cooking 2 full meals a day
6.  All the washcloths and napkins
7.  Snot
8.  Not being able to leave home
9.  Eternally dirty floors
10.  Endless paperwork and record keeping for childcare licensing

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