Thursday, November 3, 2016

Building a Family: Part 2

Easter 2012: God had won us over.  Next up, getting licensed.  Sure.  Easy-peasy.  BAHAHAHAHA {deep breath} ha...ha...ha.  Alright, it's not that painful, just time consuming.  But I totally get it.  Gotta filter out the wackos somehow.  The paperwork became our Everest.  We thought it had to be completed prior to attending training courses.  "Neigh," says the horse, but we did not hear him.

February 5, 2013: Y'all, y'all.  It is almost a year later and we are just now taking our first class!  Why?  We could have started much sooner, but we were dragging our feet.  Were we scared or just that busy?  Maybe both.  Or maybe God knew.  See, our Joe was born in February of 2013.

For the next four months we drove to training courses.  All the time.  As in, we lived at the Arrow Child and Family Ministries office.  Without family to help with our girls, this phase in the process would have taken even longer.  Want to help out future or current foster parents?  Babysit their kids while they go to training classes.
May 29, 2013: Paperwork in order.  Training complete.  TB tests.  Shot records.  CPR.  First Aid.  The final hurdle is in our sights, but it is a doozie - the dreaded home study.  Good gravy.  It is an intense, in your home, all up in your business, four to five hour interview.  That's a long time for a gal like me who struggles with appropriate conversational filters.  You can read about our home study here.

July 8, 2013: By the grace of God, we passed!  Our license hangs proud on the wall, a testament to our professional parenting status.  Apparently, we were just amateurs before.  I jump each time my phone rings.  Is that our agency?  We have heard story after story of hurting children and had that terrible sense of helplessness wash over us.  Not anymore.  Now we would be able to enter into that child's story.  We could begin writing new pages with them.  Pages filled with safety.  Love.  Food.  God.  And so, we wait.

If you are working toward your license, take heart.  The end is nigh.  Or at least a little nigher than it was in 2012.  And read this book.

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If you are even remotely considering foster care, I HIGHLY recommend you attend an informational meeting.  Our local agency usually holds theirs the first Tuesday of each month.

Want to catch up?  Building a Family: Part 1

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