Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Building a Family: Part 1

In the beginning of the Hill family, there were two girls.  One girl was girl was just like her daddy.  The other was just like her momma.  We thought this was the end of our little family.  Life was great.
Photo Cred: Sarah Grace Photography

Then God.

Anyone who knows that God Guy can tell you, he is not one to leave His plans unaccomplished.  We thought our family was full, but He knew.

The Lord slowly started bringing adoption to us.  Acquaintances had adopted.  Aren't they so nice?  Good friends began fostering.  We could never do that Sermons started springing up.  Umm...God are you talking to us?  A guest speaker visited our church from a foster agency.  Ok, so are you for real about caring for the orphan, God?

Things were adding up, but most importantly, God was speaking to our hearts.  The hurting child would not leave us.  We agreed to a time of personal prayer before we came to a final decision.  I remember those weeks as being some of the hardest of my life.  I am what one might call a bit of a talker, so to not speak about this to anyone but God was KILLING me.

Easter 2012 is when we decided we would discuss it as a couple.  I knew what God was speaking to me, but I did not know where my lovely Patrick was in his heart journey.  Graciously, he had heard the same from the Lord.

Our journey was just beginning.  The family we thought to be complete?  Not even close.

 Husband or wife, if you feel the call to foster or adopt, but your spouse does not:

  1. Remember: God gave you to your spouse first, not your current or future children.  Honor them.
  2. Pray for God to match your desires to that of your spouse.  You may find God changes their heart, or He may change yours.
  3. Begin serving the hurting children in your area in other ways: babysit for a foster family, donate to organizations that serve foster children, make cookies for your local CPS office and pray for their employees, ask CPS what their needs are.

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