Sunday, November 6, 2011

To Blog or not to Blog?

One of my good friends recently lamented on Facebook that her kids were the only ones without a blog.  Many women responded, as did I, that they do not blog, either.  But, I had been thinking about possibly blogging since the school year started. 

I had been an elementary teacher and a mother for the past four years.  For those of you unfamiliar with either, they are both full-time jobs.  I recently quit the one that was quitable.  Now I stay home and teach my girls and several other wonderful children.  Before, I was hanging on by a thread.  I couldn't have found time to blog to save my life.  Now I find myself having time to think.  But....

Should a person like me have a blog? 

Blog?  I am not the best writer.  In fact I am often saying the wrong thing on Facebook or, more often, in real life.  I do not feel like I always express what I truly mean in my heart very well.  Maybe practicing writing with a blog will teach me to measure my words more carefully.  (I can hear some of you laughing already.)

Blog?  I do not have the most thrilling life to say the least.  Don't get me wrong, I love the life I have been given and all the amazing ways God blesses my family and me.  But does the world really want to know about the way I got sharpie off my couch or the things that I am thankful for or how I serve the Lord here in Texas?  Perhaps not.

Blog?  Finally glad to have time, why would I add something else to my plate?  Hmmm....But I would love to get on "paper" some of these thoughts roaming around in my head.

Therefore, you are witnessing the birth of a blog:  Patches of Me.

Will this blog survive?  I have heard whisper of many a blog.  Most die very young.  Will this one last?  Well, we shall soon see.


  1. It will last get to blogging :)

  2. I love blogging! I know my blog isn't always fascinating for others to read, but it is often a great release for me to blog and as a bonus, blogging helps me keep track of what is going on in our lives. Don't worry about others want you to say or about what is correct to say and write about on your blog, just write what you want and when you want (don't make it a chore) and I hope you'll find that you're happy you're a blogger!!